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Welcome to Teaching @ Tufts

Tufts University is a student-centered research university and our faculty are committed researchers and practitioners for whom excellent teaching is a priority. The University, and its various schools and departments, provide support for the continuous development of each faculty member.  As both teachers and chairs of the University Council on Teaching and Faculty Development (UCTFD), we have benefited from formal and informal support in our home department, our school, the pedagogical learning involved in developing online courses, as well as the wealth of learning opportunities provided by the Tufts annual teaching conference, The Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), Educational Technology Services, STREAM (Sharing Technology for Research, Education and New Media) and many more.

Teaching and Learning Engagements at Tufts

On May 24, 2016, Provost and Senior Vice President David Harris officially launched Teaching and Learning Engagements at Tufts (TALEs). As described in Tufts’ T10 Strategic Plan, TALEs reinforces the University’s commitment to teaching and learning as a strategic priority by connecting and enhancing many existing resources and activities across the University that support excellence in teaching. Read more about this new initiative.

Tufts University’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), a division of the Office of the Provost, is a central resource for schools on all three Tufts campuses. We strive to promote teaching innovation and support teaching-related initiatives, while collaborating and coordinating faculty development initiatives between campuses.

VISION STATEMENT: CELT collaborates with faculty to discover the best available evidence about learning and apply it to their teaching. CELT guides faculty in their on-going development as critical, reflective and innovative teachers and academic leaders by promoting and espousing teaching scholarship leading to effective student learning.

TTS Educational Technology Services (ETS) is a university-wide service group at Tufts University. Our teams offer faculty development programs year-round; consult directly with Tufts faculty to support teaching, learning, and scholarly collaboration with technology; design, develop, and integrate academic technology applications; and provision new systems to enable teaching, learning, scholarly collaboration, and co-curricular endeavors across diverse contexts at Tufts University. We plan for, implement, and sustain academic technology services and initiatives in close collaboration with Tufts’ academic deans, faculty and students across Schools and programs, IT colleagues and fellow academic resource organizations.