Lecture Capture Tools

Interested in flipping your classroom? Want to record some supplemental mini-lectures for your course? Tufts provides and supports several tools for recording lectures and other educational videos. To learn more about the solutions below, please contact Educational Technology Services and set up a consultation.


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Recommended tools

Capture a live class for students to watch/review later

Echo360 Classroom Capture

Available in selected classrooms across campus, Echo360 Classroom Capture records everything that happens in a live class, including audio, video, and any slides or software used on the podium computer.



A tool for online collaboration, WebEx can be used to record classroom audio and any slides or software shown on the classroom projector.


Extron Classrooms

The Extron recording system is available in selected classrooms at The Fletcher School. Contact Media and AV Services at it@tufts.edu to learn more.

Pre-record lectures for before-class use (e.g. flipped classroom)

Echo360 Personal Capture

Echo360 Personal Capture software can be used to record your screen, webcam and microphone, publish recordings, and make them viewable by your students.



Camtasia is downloadable software that can be used to record your screen, webcam and microphone and produce a video file. Contact Educational Technology Services to learn more.


Quicktime Player (Mac only)

Quicktime Player is a free application built-in to Apple computers. It can be used to record your microphone and your screen and produce a video file. 

Record a short, informal video message

Trunk Media Gallery

Available in any Trunk course site, the Media Gallery tool allows instructors to make a video recording from a webcam and embed it into a course site.

Capture whiteboard-style writing or annotations

Screen capture & tablets

Educational Technology Services has limited USB tablets available for loan, which can be used with screen capture software to record writing and notes.


IPad and Android tablet apps

Many free and low-cost apps offer the ability to record writing on an iPad or Android tablet. Contact Educational Technology Services to discuss your options.