Syllabus Guidelines

A well designed syllabus functions both as a course guide and a useful learning tool for students.

Getting Started

Ensure it is easy to read

  • Have a consistent and simple layout, with concise language
  • A graphic can illustrate relationships among concepts

Provide basic information on first page

  • Course title and number, number of credits, course overview
  • Any prerequisites
  • Days, times and locations of class meetings
  • Procedures for announcing class cancellations (e.g. notifications on Trunk/TUSK)
  • Professor name, office location, email address or phone number with preferred way to contact you
  • Office hours Indicate the syllabus version date at the bottom of the page and indicate if it is final or tentative

Clarify course goals, objectives, and expectations

  • Include course goals, learning objectives and expectations
  • Required textbooks and readings, supplementary readings
  • Lab safety / health
  • Week-by-week course schedule with assignments, tests, due dates, how to submit materials for grading, readings, etc.
  • Description of major assignments on separate pages with grading rubrics
  • Factors that influence course grades other than formal assignments: participation, attendance, tests, etc.
  • Policies for absence, lateness, classroom conduct, missed work, and academic dishonesty
  • Highlight important dates such as drop dates, holiday schedule changes, etc.
  • If you plan to use turnitin to identify plagiarism, you are required to note this in the syllabus.

Provide information about academic support services (varies by campus)

  • Summarize academic support information (Academic Resource Center at ASE, designated tutors, TA’s assigned to the course, etc.)
  • Suggest that students with disabilities or special circumstances meet with you to discuss accommodations, and list pertinent campus resources (such as Disability Services on the Medford campus)
  • List relevant campus library services and hours of operation
  • Include a statement on accommodations. On this page you will find sample syllabus statement.

Additional Resources