Difficult Dialogs

Navigating Ethical Waters in the Classroom

By Donna Qualters, Director, CELT

Regardless of discipline, faculty are faced with ethical issues in our classes around a variety of sensitive topics, and students will question the ethics of certain practices or topics in our field. As trained academics, we are not always comfortable having discussions where there is no clear right or wrong answer or talking about ethical areas in which we do not feel we are experts. So, how do you respond to students who really want to know “the answer” to these types of questions?

Difficult Dialogues and Hot Moments in the Classroom

Over the past three years, CELT has engaged with Tufts faculty on the topics of diversity, inclusive excellence, and difficult dialogues through a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation. Through learning communities, workshops and symposia and the University-wide Teaching Conference, faculty have been working to create more inclusive classrooms, and to understand how to lay the ground work for productive dialogue and manage difficult dialogues.

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